Toy Story 4, Now that's what you call a franchise! This movie did not disappoint at all and even caused us to shed a few tears over the love and fun that we had with our toys that we might as well call our friends. Toy Story 4 centers on Woody and despite its very short premise it brings you to a whole different universe with multitudes of eras and decades in the toy industry all brought into this film and for the love of toys. 

This film was just off the bat fantastic with its animation and cinematography. Bo Peep now being a mark on a new territory of strong female leads. And let's not forget the whole deeper meaning of the story where in it brings us a concept of how a toy made out of plastic, or plush can give us that sense of love, friendship and loyalty to a child / adult. A feel good movie that brings us hope and redeems our belief in humanity. Oh and of course, let's not forget Ducky and Bunny the two is the main stars of the film i think!

Over all i thought Disney has certainly brought down the house with its "final" instalment on Toy Story and gave us this wonderful mix of emotions, familiarity and uniqueness that no other story can bring. 


Geek PH Final Rating: 9.5/10