I never thought I could laugh this much especially while watching a superhero movie! Imagine all those comic books you've been reading when you were a kid and thinking what would you do if you were a superhero!

This movie certainly is a feel good, light hearted movie with definitely a lot of laughs for people of all ages!

Shazam has been in comics for about 80 years or so and definitely have this 1940's type of comic relief that is definitely a breath of fresh air.

The dynamic between Billy and his brother Freddie on how he discovers his super powers is just a riot and what exactly would a 14 year old boy do when he receives this mythical powers coming from a frizzy haired wizard played by Djimon Hounsou. And don't get me started on the ending! WOW!!!!

DC is definitely on a roll bringing in these young directors who are masters of horror. First with James Wan who is known for Saw and Insidious and bringing in Aquaman, DC's biggest movie earner to date. Second is David Sandberg with Shazam who was also known for Annabelle: Creation. Despite their background in the horror genre, they sure brought in this new wave of DC films that finally is bringing DCEU on the radar!

Final Score: 10 out 10!! Watch it!!!