GEEK PH MOVIE REVIEW: Ralph Breaks the Internet (Wreck it Ralph 2)


If there is one thing that we can describe this movie it is... Yesssssssss!!! Definitely 100 / 10 ! Feel good movie of the year! At first we were quite unsure of how this movie will work being a big big fan of 80's nostalgia and especially arcade games, having a movie about the internet was quite daunting. 

But low and behold, Disney has definitely outshine themselves even making this sequel far better than the 1st movie if that is hard enough to believe! With all the heartfelt connections to my childhood all rolled into one from Street fighter, SEGA, and all down to our favourite Disney princesses in this modern setting where the women are nothing at all princess-y and well, the men are just too funny for words, even sensitive and clingy at that. 

Trying to describe the beauty and magic of Ralph breaks the internet, words cannot explain how happy I was just watching the film with its funny yet adult humour that even appeals to children. It's hilarious outtake on pop cultural references from 80's to 90's Disney to well everything is just a breath of fresh air! The way that the story focuses on growth and friendship without the usual hero / villain concept was a breath of fresh air. Oh and don't get me started on how it suddenly made a wasteland of a set into a musical! Only Disney can make this animated movie feel like an academy award winning sequence in the movie La la land! And Shank! Don't we all want to be like Shank and.. the actress that voiced her!

Truth be told, it definitely has been a long time since I have experienced something as magical and surprising definitely leaving the cinemas with a million dollar smile and just want to watch it over and over again!

Still not convinced? Just watch it!

Final Review: 100000/10!