Last December 11, 2018, Geek PH gave out 7 free movies passes to 7 lucky winner for the Asian Movie Premiere for Aquaman where in the stars and director, Jason Momoa, Amber Heard and James Wan all came to the Philippines for the blue carpet premiere!

Now what James Wan brought to the big screen was one action packed adventure where scene by scene it was nothing but breathtaking under wanter visuals to the hells and horror that we all love James Wan for in the Kingdom of the Trench.This is definitely one of DCEU's strongest contender's so far along side Wonder Woman. Jason Momoa certainly does bring the flair of an all out action star / superhero with his funny yet lovable hilarious one liner quips to his beer loving like roadie side turned King of Atlantis persona. The wonder of Atlantis, from the Sahara desert to the underwater sea, was definitely transformed into a reality of breathtaking visuals from every single aspect to the costumes, riders, movement, and feel of this empire feet below us. The electricity and awe when you first get into the city of Atlantis with that awesome soundtrack just keeps you glued to your seat.

I think one of the downfalls would probably be the script with that being cheesy? But hey Wonder Woman was definitely cheesy as well and we still love her! the lack of chemistry build up between Mera and Arthur would also be another one. But hey probably an extended Blue Ray version is in order? 

Overall Score: Jason Momoa as Aquaman... 10000/10! Thank you for coming to the Philippines!!

Geek PH Final Movie Review: 9/10  

Thank you again SM for our tickets to the Aquaman Asian Premiere and Fan Event!